Tuesday, August 19, 2008


"It is easy, terrible easy, to shake a
 man's faith in himself. To take advantage
 of that to break a man's spirit, is devil's work."
(G.B. Shaw: Candida)

The human spirit is a very fragile thing I have found. It can be broken very easily. God has been convicting me a lot lately but I thank Him generously that He has given me discernment to tell the difference between His spirit and that of the world. Words are very powerful things that can break the human spirit within a second. Most of my life I have had an alcoholic in my life in one way or another. Several years ago I began attending Al-anon meetings and I was given a daily devotional book called One Day At A Time in AL-ANON that I read out of today. It reminded me that those people in my life that have hurt me in my past through their alcoholism are still children of God that are still entitled to my respect and consideration each day. Yes they caused pain and hurt but my returning that with contempt for their actions, indignation at the neglect of their obligations, and behavior which destroys their egos will only cause them to be destroyed more and to inflict damage upon ourselves. 
Several years ago, I noticed that I was so angry with the things that others had done to me that I was becoming something that I myself couldn't even stand and had always hated. I had been that person who was killing someone else's spirit through my words because of my anger and ended up killing my self inside as well. Today I realized that God was asking me again to take notice to make sure I was not wanting this same thing in my heart again. I had not been doing it. You see I am having to make a lot of decisions that could change my life a lot and in doing so I must ask who else my decisions could affect. Then I must ask if it does affect another, then am I acting out of past feelings or out of what is best for all involved. Then I realized that either way I just needed to continue to pray, Listen, and wait for God to answer. The rest is in His hands. I can no longer focus on the reactions or actions of others. I can only make a decision and realize that His plan will still either way come into existence because He has what is best for me in mind somewhere in there. He is a sovereign God who is in control and knows what is going to happen. 

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