Thursday, August 14, 2008

Please Let Go

The following poem was written as I continue to ponder and struggle upon the things in my life which I am trying to work on in my life.... The things I am trying to let go of or hope will let go of me. This may be old patterns or people or addictions but no matter what it is I lay it all at the Heavenly Father's feet and pray that He alone will help me sort through it and show me the plan He has for my life.

My mane is flowing in the wind

My legs are running wild and free

I have so much energy and happiness

The wind is blowing in my face

The air is clear and crisp in my nostrils as I breathe

The clouds travel slowly above my head

I think in my mind it could never stop

I want to believe it

I want to know this could be a part of me of who I am

Then the moment comes that brings it crashing down

They come into my thoughts or into my life for that moment

They put the chains back upon this heart of mine

They just can’t see it

They just don’t recognize the pain they bring

They just don’t want to stop the cycle of abuse which has killed the spirit for centuries

It’s as if they love the misery they bring to others

Because it brings them a comfort which is recognizable

And an anchor to their illusion of control

Please let me go

I am slowly chipping at the chains

I must get rid of them to have a life of freedom

I can’t live like this

I can’t live a life of pain and misery


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Anonymous said...

i have so enjoyed your blog today - you are very honest - something that is rare...but also pointing to Jesus...thank you!