Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Letting Go

Many times in my life I have had to release and let go of things or people that at the time I thought I never could have imagined doing so. Yesterday morning as I rushed my seven week old puppy to the vet God began to speak to my heart about things in my life that had been very hard for Him to do at one time also. You see, I had only had my puppy for three days and for the majority of those days he had been very sick. As I rushed him to the vets office I told God that I knew I couldn't afford treatment if it was what we had suspected so I would be have to be willing in my heart to give him up to someone who could afford that or I would have to let die and give him back to Him. For those of you who consider your pets your family you understand just how bad this hurt. But as I said this God began to say something to me about also letting go of some of the other things in my life. I wasn't as sure about doing those things since I knew letting go of this puppy would be hard enough if in reality it really came to that. I mean saying something is one thing, but come on, doing it is another.... right? Wrong......with God our word is our bond just as much. Why do you think He made covenants with His people? They are promises. God simply just like with Elijah  in 1Kings 19:12-13 spoke in a small whisper to my heart. It was as if He were asking me was I willing to also let go of certain relationships and entrust those people to be taken care of by Him whether I was in there life or not. This was a very hard question for me. Control is an illusion we all want to hold on to because we think it makes us feel safe, but in reality it only makes things worse by not allowing God to do His work in us. He knows what is going to happen and He wants the best for us but we have to make the choice to let Him work. He won't force us. He loves us too much to do that. 

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