Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank You

Coming up is a holiday many of us tend to jump right past and go from Halloween straight to Christmas. We tend to forget to the one day of Thanksgiving which is so very important. This year I had the opportunity to get my decorations for Christmas put up early and try to do my shopping a little earlier than normal, but I have tried to be very aware that I do not forget the day of Thanksgiving this year. God has blessed me so very much. I want to make sure that I do take the time to really set aside time to thank Him. I have noticed that I don't need to do this just this one day of the year but I need to do this every day of the year. I do want to take time right now to say some things I am thankful for though.
1. My Savior
2. My niece
3. My slow renewal of health this past year
4. My own space to live and be in
5. My best friend DJ
6. God's healing
7. God's strength
8. God's unconditional and never ending love
9. Finally finishing a book that I have wanted to write to help others most of my life
10. Finding my love of art again

and so many more things... that I would spend days writing.

Thank you is two very small words that most people don't think to say, but they are two words that can mean so much. Take the extra time to say them.

"That I may proclaim with the voice
of Thanksgiving, and
declare all Thy wonders."
Psalm 26:7 (NASB)

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