Sunday, November 16, 2008

Glimpses and Choices

This weekend I got a glimpse of things that I didn't really like. I didn't need the magic mirror but I find it ironic that I tend to have a living walking mirror walking around in my little niece. She stayed with me this weekend. Today as we got up neither of us felt very good due to the change in weather affecting both of our allergies. We decided to take things a little easy today . I still ask her to go and take a shower and get herself ready though because her daddy would be picking her up later in the day. Everything was fine until I ask her to take care of her own hair. You see, my niece has very curly hair that if not maintained with a moisturizer on a daily basis it can cause a severe catastrophy that can only be solved by a long shower and LOTS of conditioner and LOTS of moisturizer. She took care of the first part but did not want to follow through with the second. She has this thing about not liking lotion or any type of cream on her hands because of the way it feels. I explained she could was her hands just like I do.


I had rocked her world. I told her something she did not like to hear and did not want to hear at that moment and she was furious. I could see it on her face. She got very quiet and began to whine a little begging me to do it for her. I repeated that I would not. She finally began working on her hair herself, but her anger remained their and began to grow. She just got quieter and did not want to talk calmly about it. A few moments later as I turned around I noticed her wiping her hands on my sheets. She didn't wash them. She just wiped them on my sheets. This made me furious. I now needed to make a choice. I could act in anger and give her an example of handling her anger another bad way or I could calm myself and immediately ask for God's help to restrain all of my emotion and my tongue. I had seen in her so much of me and the old way of handling my anger in that one moment that I know I needed to make the right decision. I needed to talk to her calmly. Every part of my being begged for God's control in my life at that one moment. I needed His strength.

As I began to talk to her she began to lie. Not exactly something that helps my anger by the way but God was there. I stopped talking and pointed it out and then stopped until we both had a while to think the situation over and let her know I would come back to it.

Thank you God for your strength and guidance. Thank you for loving me and teaching me better ways to live my life. Thank you for my living little mirror which challenges me each day.

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