Sunday, July 6, 2008

How BIG is God Gonna Be

Most of my life fear has been a big factor. The fear has been brought about by many things big and small. But once again I have been reminded of the verse in the Bible 

II Timothy 1:7 
"God did not give us a spirit of fear but of Power, Love, and of self discipline." 

Some versions say He did not give us a spirit of timidity. You know that when you say some words you can actually feel them through your body? This is one of them for me. It just gives me that sense of knowing what the writer is talking about. I know right as I read this verse that He, God, did not give me that. Then I go on to read what He did give me, Power, Love, and self discipline. Do I get a feeling? No. So what is so special about these? They are from God. God is not like a feeling or the wind that comes and goes from moment to moment. He is everlasting! He doesn't change! These past couple of months God has once again asked me "Amy, how Big are you gonna allow me to be in your life?" When I allow fear to be there, I do not allow those other things that God wants to give me to be there. The fear gets in the way. It tends to always give me an excuse not to do something that He is calling me to do for Him. If I am going to serve Him, I must make a choice. I had this opportunity this past week. After months of struggling and praying, I surrendered and said "Okay God, Be Big in me." I am still a little nervous but my eyes are on Him and I do trust He is going to do Big things. He has already presented me with several opportunities to serve by allowing me to be asked to serve with the children's ministry and to possibly serve with the student ministry. I am looking forward to how He is going to grow me but more excited about how He is going to use me to show others His word. This feels like an adventure I don't want to miss!

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