Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Only One

Since the beginning, God's plan was always to send His son to die for us. We as humans have never been able to wrap our minds around this. We never will be able to completely. God's love for us is so amazing and so wonderful. Since the book of Genesis God has pointed to the this one moment of the coming of Christ. I have been reading and working through a workbook which allows you to look deeper into the love God has for you and the worth you have in God. It talks of how God rejected the clothes that Eve made in an attempt to cover herself from sin but instead He provided clothes for her from His own hand, just as He provides us with the righteousness of His only son to clothe us and cover our sins. We keep trying to do things on our own and cover our own shame and sins and "be good enough" for others or for Him but we always come up never making the mark. We constantly try changing ourselves to meet this. (Embracing God's Design for Your Life by Sheila Walsh) God doesn't have some hoops for us to jump through or some mark on the wall saying jump higher to meet it. He just keeps saying "Let me love you just like you are." He sent Christ for a reason. Yes He wants you to live like He did but that doesn't mean you are suppose to be the "good little boy or girl" when you come to Him. It means He wants to be a Father who is allowed to teach you how to live these things and who is allowed to love you. You have to be willing to let Him do this. You have to make the choices to live for Him. I know everyday I wake up this choice becomes a new one for me. It is a hard one from the moment I wake up because from that moment satan is determined to attack in some way. So I have to be more determined to go to God and ask for Him to be my savior, my fortress, my rock for that day. Somedays I want to just hide but I find that on those days if I am willing to try and make the choice God still meets me right where I am at and His love is still AMAZING beyond what I can put into any words.

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