Monday, July 14, 2008

Who You Gonna Choose?

When it comes down to the bottom line, a lot of times I feel like God just wants to know "Who am I gonna choose?" or "Who am I gonna trust?" This morning as I read my bible God lead me to read Judges chapter 17. At first I was a little confused but I knew He always has a reason or a purpose for wanting me to read certain things. Then as I read the chapter for the second time in the second translation trying to catch some hint of that, I got to verse 13 "Now I know that the Lord will prosper me, seeing that I have a Levite priest." Okay so... Now I know you have that puzzled look on your face just like I did that says "HUH?" Just trying to figure out what it is you could possibly get out of this. Well after reading it several times let me give you a little info from the whole chapter in a little summary. In the book of Judges there are no kings. There are judges. WOW, how did I figure that one out. Anyway, they were usually corrupt, did what they wanted, greased their palms per say. Everyone was out for themselves and it was all about the money, silver in this case. Micah's mother paid to have an idol made for him. There was a Levite priest who was leaving Bethlehem and needed a place to stay. Micah figured he could give him one and pay him to be his priest and father to stay in his home and then the Lord would prosper him for having the priest in his home even though he also had a graven image of silver sitting on his little mantle. Are you getting the picture? It is no different today. We have our computers, TV's, video games, cars, books, jobs, night life, etc. Just plug something in there. And then we figure hey we can have a small group once a week in our home, or we can do a good deed today for someone, or we can spend 30 minutes with this person to feel good that I gave but all my other time will be given to this other thing. God doesn't ask us to give up material things. He just ask us to choose Him over them. He ask us not to worship them. I was given a video last night by a high school student that was amazingly powerful. I hope you will find it just as powerful. Click the title above to view.

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