Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not Knowing

Last month we took my three of my nieces to "Monkey Joes" . For those of you who have never been there, it is an aunt or mother's dream on a rainy or VERY hot day. It is an indoor air conditioned playground with lots of slides and things to climb on. I give you photos in a moment. Anyway, The photo to the right is NOT usually what children look like when they go there. My dear niece was not given privy to all the information on a conversation that she desired and this was the result. It made me start thinking though about how we react some times when we, as children of God, react when He does not give us all the information we want right when we want it. Since I was a child I have known a verse :
Psalm 119:105
"Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path."

but recently I heard it explained very differently than I ever had before by my Pastor, Rob Singleton. He said,
" Unto my feet? What’s up with the lighting around the feet bit?
It’s just that—light for your very next step and maybe a step or two beyond—but no more. Why?
Light the whole path and who needs faith? Shine a light three years into the future and you’ll say, “See ya, God. I can take it from here. I mean, I can see there is a nasty sharp left about a mile ahead and three forks in the road immediately after that and the light goes right first, then left, then right again. Thanks for the info, don’t call me, I’ll call you.”
God knows this about us—all of us. We like things mapped out, safe, comfortable, predictable, no scary curves along the way. But the problem with this again is that it completely deactivates faith. And without faith…
Well, you know the rest."

I loved the way he explained that because it hit home so much for me. When given certain amounts of information, I tend to try to be independent a little too much and do things without Him and well.... they usually don't end up right. I usually end up looking like my niece, and I had the information. So in those cases... lets face it, we aren't satisfied either way. We get angry when He doesn't answer us, but when He does and it doesn't go our way, we want to blame someone. Instead, if we would just be patient and just let His light be our guide, we may just let the master creator, who KNOWS what He is doing, have our best interest at heart and things wouldn't take as long and be as hard sometimes. We might even be happy.

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Elizabeth Flowers said...

I love your heart and openness... your a treasure of a friend.
Love you sister