Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just as I am

Ok, how many of you have met someone and the first thing you ask in your mind is "Are they going to accept me 'Just as I am'?" We don't want people in our life who are going to try to change us; yet at the same time, we find ourselves in a self loathing lifestyle of pleasing others, and end up not  liking the person we have become in order to make something of ourselves that we perceive they may like. To quote Sheila Walsh again today, she said, "I often think that I could be godly if if it weren't for other people!... That's why God offers us the power of the Holy Spirit, so that we can choose to live and love differently." I think that what most people really do not understand is that when we accept Christ as our savior, we have a direct connection with the Father by the Holy Spirit living in us. He does accept us Just as we are. I use to have such a hard time accepting that if I were angry I could express this directly to God. Oh... That is an unacceptable emotion to show to God, right? NOT! I have learned that God became angry also. Jesus became very angry when He saw the tax collectors in the temple. The difference comes in what we do with anger. It took a long time but I slowly began to express my anger to God, telling him a little at a time if I became angry at something. I noticed that the more I shared my feelings with God, the more I could be honest with Him about other things as well and I began to talk to Him more. I was able to live and love differently. I stopped trying to hold back who I really was and give Him who I thought He wanted. I instead gave Him who I really am and began to learn who He really is and now am able to Love a whole lot differently. 

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Good are growing as you write. Keep it are challenging others along the way!