Monday, August 15, 2011

Munchy Mondays

I have been thinking about writing and decided to change some of the flow of my blog. So, Today is Munchy Monday. From now own each day will be a little different. Monday's I am going to set aside for a new recipe I have discovered or an old favorite from my childhood that I just want to share. Food has always played an important role of some kind in my life. It has at times been a bad one, as I use it for comfort, and at times it has been a good role like the memories I have of sharing times with my grandmother making cookies or getting special treats. The recipe I want to share today is one I got from my aunt. When I was very little my aunt lived in Boston, MA. The one time I remember going to her house there was amazing. She took me to the Boston Museum of Science. I will never forget that experience as it taught me A lot. The thing I remember most about my aunt though is that when she moved to NC she brought so many new recipes and foods with her that was a change from my normal southern food experiences. I have always hated fruitcake. That is until one christmas my aunt introduced this recipe to me. I have loved it ever since. So today I share it with you. It does have a great deal of sugar and sweetness so I personally can only eat little bits at a time but hope you enjoy it and hope it will satisfy some of your need for munchies on this Monday.

Ice Box Fruitcake

2 lbs Pecans chopped
2 lbs English Walnuts chopped
3 bags of Marshmallows (equaling 3 lbs)
2 lbs Candied Fruit
2 Boxes of Raisins
2 Cans of CONDENSED Milk
2 Boxes of Graham Crackers

  • Crush Graham Crackers
  • Melt Marshmallows
  • Add Milk to Melted Marshmallows
  • Mix all ingredients together
  • Line 4 Loaf Pans with Wax Paper
  • Press Mixture into Pans
  • Cool
  • Cut into bars and place in Ziploc Bags
  • Keep in Fridge or Freezer

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Scott Jensen, Charlotte Realtor said...

those actually sound incredible - I'm heading to the store!