Monday, October 26, 2009

Jesus Did NOT respect persons.

"Jesus did not respect persons." When I first read this I was thrown a little off guard. I wasn't expecting that and didn't quite understand. This is why you should always read the entire paragraph or section you are in. As I continued to read it stated, "Even His enemies admitted, 'You are not swayed by men, because you pay no attention to who they are" (Matthew 22:16, NIV) (excerpt from Be Mature by Warren W. Wiersbe) Our Lord did not care what material things people had or if they had influence in the community. He cared about their hearts and whether they accepted The Truth from His Father in Heaven. Warren W. Wiersbe also wrote, "We tend to cater to the rich because we hope to get something from them, and we avoid the poor because they embarrass us. Jesus did not do this, and He cannot approve of it."

We as people must choose to not only read about the deity of Christ but show it in our relationships. If one only chooses to read and talk about it then they are not living the life Christ has chosen for them. It must not be done to get another's praise or to win the influence of others. It has to be done with the right motive.

This past weekend, I had one of the most amazing weekends I have had the pleasure of having in a LONG time. I spent it at the With Love From Jesus- Charlotte Ministry. They were having the 1st Annual BBQ Fundraiser to support the ministry. This is a ministry that embodies the meaning of living out God's Word and not just speaking about it. People of all walks of life are accepted and treated with compassion. Economics, status, or materialism in no way has it's place at the table with this ministry. God's Grace ignores all these differences. The Founder/Director, Joy McGuire, started the ministry on her back porch. She like, I, have always had a heart and passion for serving others and treating them with the unconditional love that Christ has given us. From the beginning of time humans have fought over many things especially beliefs and differences in one another. When Peter first went to the house of a Gentile, him being a Jew, this was not acceptable. But he did it because he knew that the work God had called him to was to love ALL people. We try everyday in small ways to make others be just like us in some way. If God wanted two of us He would have created two. Even twins have differences. Look at the majority of today's churches. They are still segregated in some way. The one place the unconditional love of Christ should be completely embodied, and it is not. "Love your neighbor!" Who is your neighbor today? Who has God called you to Love? To build up? To encourage? To get beyond your own selfish views, thoughts, and differences with? Please take the time to look through the site at the top. How can you help out to show God's Love not based on Respect and the outward appearances but on the inward heart of your neighbor?

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