Saturday, September 26, 2009

God Is In Control

I lay in bed slowly waking from the night’s sleep. I had rested, and rested so hard I think I might have felt myself drooling. As I began to wake, I heard the dog barking outside and a large banging noise. In my mind someone was knocking on my door. I kept yelling, “Hold on a minute!!”, but they wouldn’t stop knocking. I began to become severely annoyed and with that my adrenaline began to pump. I threw the nearest clothes that lay beside the bed on the floor. I rushed to the door and jerked open the lock. I was prepared to yell at someone for banging so loudly, so early in the morning. What could possibly be so pressing and so important that they must act like this. When I slung open the door, to my surprise it was not someone waiting for me at all. It was the city worker coming to turn off the power, as I had not been able to meet my obligation for the month. Times had been very hard the last couple of months. The money was non-existent. The food was Very low. The hope was becoming even lower. I found myself at times asking the question we as humans want to ask and feel martyred with at times. We want to feel justified and know within ourselves that there can’t possibly be a reason we are being “punished” for. It wasn’t punishment at all though. It wasn’t something I even had a right to ask

But I still found my flesh taking over and asking anyway. When I look back I have asked that question many times and not always liked the answer I got. Sometimes that answer was, “ You may never know! But it is okay because I will use it.” Sovereignty.... What does this really mean? I know it means we as humans don’t always like that we can’t see everything and know everything at times. But what does it really mean? In Hebrew it is the word malkûyâh meaning a rule, a dominion, empire, kingdom, realm, reign, or royal. God has Sovereignty. God is reigning! God is in Control! (Whether we like it or not!) Something else we don’t usually understand is the word Omniscient. Webster’s definition is: infinite understanding, knowing all things. God shows this as part of HIS character in Job 31:4, Job 34:21, Psalm 33:13, Psalm 147:5, Isaiah 40:13-14, Matthew 10:28-30, Matthew 12:42 and John 2:24 to name a few. We repeatedly fight this throughout history to try to prove we know what is best for us and to try to prove we are in control. God is also Omnipotent meaning: unlimited or infinite power or influence (1 Samuel 1:3, Isaiah 5:16, 1 Kings 8:27, Job 9:5, Psalm 135:6, Isaiah 40:28, Matthew 19:28, Romans 4:17-24 and Revelation 1:5), and Omnipresent meaning: present in all places at the same time (Genesis 28:16, Deuteronomy 4:39, Isaiah 66:1, Psalm 139:5-12, Jeremiah 23:23-24, Proverbs 15:3, and Acts 17:27). This world may want to tell us that God is just something we use as a crutch or someone we should be angry at for the circumstances of our life but throughout history God has not changed. He is still in control. He still reigns. He still knows what has happened and will happen. He also is still with us and will never leave us.

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that is so true!!