Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Motions

The Motions

This might hurt

It's not safe

But I know that I've gotta make a change

I don't care

If I break

At least I'll be feeling something

Cause just ok

Is not enough

Help me fight through the nothingness of life

I don't wanna go through the motions

I don't wanna go one more day

Without Your all consuming passion inside of me

I don't wanna spend my whole life asking

What if I had given everything?

Instead of going through the motions

No regrets

Not this time

I'm gonna let my heart defeat my mind

Let Your love

Make me whole

I think I'm finally feeling something

Take me all the way

Take me all the way

Take me all the way

Produced by Brown Bannister / Associate Producer: Sam Mizell / Acoustic Guitar by Mike Payne and Jerry McPherson / Bass by Tony Lucido / Drums by Will Sayles / Electric Guitar by Paul Moak, Mike Payne, and Jerry McPherson / Keyboards and Programming by Sam Mizell / Percussion by Eric Darken / Strings by David Davidson / Background Vocals by Matthew West

Written by Matthew West, Sam Mizell, and Jason Houser 2008 Word Music / Songs For Lulu / Simple Tense Songs / Wyzell Music / Songs Of Extreme / Cedar Sides (ASCAP)

This past weekend I was privileged to be able to attend "Faith, Family, and Freedom". It is a celebration held each year at the Knights Stadium in Fort Mill, SC. This night there were three groups singing. One of those was Matthew West. He began singing "The Motions". I had heard the song but did not know who sang it. That night I began to truly listen to the words of the song. It's not easy when we begin to see things in our lives that are not working to help us have functioning healthy lives. We have the ability to ask for help in changing them. A lot of times in my life I have asked, "Why am I here?" or "What is my purpose?" These last six years I began asking those questions frequently. I felt like I had lost everything that was me when I lost my ability to work with at risk kids. I loved my job and I loved what I was able to do when I worked with them. These last six years though, God has began to show me that when my identity rest in something other than Him, I will always ask those questions and I will spend my life going through the motions. I will feel like a robot with no meaning or purpose. Saturday when I began to listen to the words of the above song, I questioned where is my passion lying at this moment. What am I focusing on and making the center of my life? I want each day to know I gave everything to God and not to something that could not fill me and give me purpose. I want my passion to grow for Him. I want to be whole and to be able to feel but also to know who God really is in my life. I don't want to just "Go through The Motions!"

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