Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hold me Daddy

Today I spent my day with some of my best friends. After spending the night at their house, I woke this morning to the sound of the two of them and two of their children saying good morning and asking me questions. A few minutes later after I had been given a moment to wake up, I quietly rounded the corner and found my friend laying next to his two year old son, reading him a book and snuggling with him. As I stood there watching him, the first thought in my mind was my relationship with my heavenly father. I thought of the moments He holds me and snuggles with me and takes time for me even in those little moments just because I need Him to do this. I thought of how many times I don't slow down enough to allow Him to do this just because. In that moment, I was so overwhelmed by the love God has given me each and every day for no reason other than to love me even when I didn't fully understand. THANK YOU DADDY FOR HOLDING ME!!!!

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