Thursday, July 17, 2008

"I'll never be like my parent!"

When I was growing up I constantly said I would never be like my parents. I don't have my own kids so I can't say whether my kids will be like me or not. I do know that I catch my self sometimes saying the same things my mom use to say to me as a kid like

 " Eat good food before you can have any of that dessert; or stop jumping on the furniture because it's not a jungle gym at the park; or if you get out of bed everyday then you must brush your teeth, change your panties, and put on deoderant everyday because this is not an option to choose yes or no from."

 I can't remember a lot about when I was a little girl but before my mom died four years ago she let me know that my niece reminded her of me. This was not a good thing to her in some ways but to me it was a compliment. You see all those things I listed above are things I find myself saying to my niece. She is now nine years old. Before I moved recently, I helped  raise her for five years. The things she brings to my life are amazing. 

This week I had the pleasure of keeping her at my house. We don't do much when we are here but the time we spend together is so important to both of us. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to a little adult. She can be so independent and stubborn at times which can be challenging but when I get past it and really look at it I don't mind it as much. I like when she thinks for herself and stands up for herself. I grew up saying I didn't want to be like my parent. I find that in some ways I am like my earthly parent by saying things she said, but more than this I find that I want more to be like my heavenly Father and I pray that she too will want to be like Him and that her stubborness will help her to stand for Him. 

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