Thursday, July 24, 2008


My first oil painting... I will never forget creating it. Have you ever had something you wanted to be so perfect but knew no matter how hard you tried it never would be that all impossible word to reach,"perfect". I gave my all though and in the end I felt very satisfied with it. As I look around me and see the many things God made,I wonder what it must have felt like to Him the very moment He finished, the very moment it was all untouched by anything or anyone. To stand before a creation as small as a painting is an amazing thing so I can not imagine standing with the earth in the palm of my hands and gazing at it and seeing it's beauty before it was touched by man. 

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to help a friend of mine teach a Sunday morning children's class at my church. I had not worked with children in a long time other than my niece so it was an experience. It was great though.  We talked about God's creation and how beautiful it is. We also talked a lot about taking care of things that mean a lot to us. God gave us this earth as a gift to take care of and commanded us to do this in Genesis. We on the other hand decide everyday whether or not to do this by the choices we make. We hear all the commercials and the celebrities talk constantly about Going Green but what does it really mean to us. What does it mean to take care of the beauty God has given us?
  • Plant a tree that will shade your house as well as reduce the need for air conditioning.
  • Participate in your community's recycling program and recycle all you can.
  • Combine short car trips, or use a bicycle or walk instead.
  • Improve your home's energy efficiency by adding insulation and caulking, and regularly cleaning heating and air conditioning filters.
  • Compost yard trimmings and food waste in a backyard compost bin. Don't bag grass clippings - either leave them on the lawn or compost them.
  • When buying paint, cleaners or other chemicals, buy only what you need and use what you buy.
  • Practice water conservation - install a low flow shower head or make an Earth Day pledge to take shorter showers.
  • Use compact fluorescent lights to conserve up to 75 percent of the energy consumed by incandescent bulbs.
  • Purchase durable goods and choose products made with recycled materials and with minimal or recyclable packaging.
  • Have your name removed from mailing lists. 

These are just some ways to express to God that you appreciate His gift to us. 

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