Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finding a new way to Focus

I love sports. I love to play them and I love to watch them. My two favorite sports are softball and basketball. I could live on a basketball court if you would let me. I have gotten to where I cant' watch a lot of it on TV these days though. I just feel the players of today have lost the real focus and meaning of the game. I see a lot of kids playing sports and not learning a thing in school. I see them use sports as a way out of their situation. They have hopes set on lots of money and fame and material things that don't last and can be taken from them in the passing of a moment.

When I was in school I had a hard time playing sports because I had so much pressure on me. When I graduated from school I was able to play for fun and played so much better. My focus was on the fun of the game and the things that I got out of it were much more rewarding and lasted a lifetime.

I remember the feeling I would get as I placed a basketball in my hand a stepped onto the court. I immediately would begin to focus and the world around me would melt away. There was no one and nothing there but me and God. This was one of my greatest times of worship. It wasn't about the winning or losing for me. It was about the time I was away from the world and spending time with Him.

I haven't been able to play much ball since I found out about my spinal disorder but I have had to find another way to worship Him and find this same closeness and focus on Him to the same degree.

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